Coffee to Share: Social Media is the New Net Coffee House

20 Sep





















Friends, Family & Loved Ones Meet to Share Their Stories

I began using social media, specifically Facebook, 2 years ago when one of my friends told me about Farmville, She said “I wish I was home playing Farmville” and I thought “What the heck is that?”. (Laughing Out Loud) LOL! I came home and signed up for this most addictive game by Zynga where you plant and harvest crops while joining people from around the world in an effort to make money (play money) being a pretend farmer. As I began to play more and more, I realized that something else was happening.

I was meeting people from around the world and each person contributed to me having a richer life. I met Christianne Lavanoux a life coach from New Caledonia, Jenni Parker Brown from France, Donald Wells from Arizona and Donna Johnson from Wisconsin. No not all of them were on Farmville, but they were on Facebook.

These relationships started to grow and I realized that Facebook was becoming a virtual coffee house, where you could meet anyone you wanted to. Then another light went off: Facebook is the perfect marketing avenue for someone on a shoe string budget. Using Social Media to make the connections is your number one skill when looking to make more money than ever before, by just being a social butterfly.

Carla Wynn, CEO of Powerful Expressions Web Design & Social Media Marketing

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