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Social Media Connects

I have kind of left this blog out in cyberspace, but just realized that there was some really cool but heart warming content to share here. Many of you are on Facebook, simply to see what’s going on with your family or friends, post pictures of your pets, or play games. Many are not really getting the full vision of what Facebook could do for your professional life.

First explore the numbers and go from there…

Facebook has over 900 register members and if we assume that 1/2 of those are fake profiles, we are left with an option to connect to a percentage of 400 million or so people for which to build business relationships that propel our own profit.

I am the founder of Visioness, a company with the experienced leadership you need to take your idea into Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn and Youtube with the intention of making connections that turn into money.


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Relax with Friends – Social Media isn’t all business

Social Media can connect you with great friends.

So far we have talked about Social Media for business and how to create social media postings using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn. Today I want to talk to you about using Facebook to really make deeper connections with people.

I have met some of the best people in the world, who, although they were my clients, became my very good friends. Donna Johnson, EVNP for Arbonne International hired to to build her business fanpage and we had a fantastic launch. But something developed over our working time together: Friendship.

I learned that she was a single working mom and had goals, ambitions, dreams, struggles and challenges just like me. I began to really see friendships in the faces of those I met on Facebook. My first life coach Deborah Ailman also became one of my best friends ever. I was in Orlando at the Global Pet Expo last March and Deb came out to meet me. We had lunch together and it was a great time to just get a warm  hug from someone I had met through the Internet.

When you are meeting people on Facebook as you will, take a look at their life, understand their culture and take a moment to Relax and enjoy the ability to connect with so many wonderful people.

Carla Wynn

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Hanging Bridge (via By Niki)

Great Picture

Hanging Bridge Peille village. "Twin city" together with Peillon. Commune perched on a rock between Monaco and Menton. Hang, Bridge, Peille, Clouds, Sport … Read More

via By Niki

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Facebook is a Vinte’ Latte with Double Expresso

Godendo di caffè con gli amici

Enjoying a tall latte with an extra shot of expresso will certainly cause a buzz. Facebook is a juggernaut and provides an incredible window of amazing opportunity for those who utilize it. Looking at Facebook as the World’s Largest “Virtual Coffee House” it is simple to see how this outlet is your businesses number one source of increasing profit using social media.

Facebook Campaigns and the Viral Spiral

Knowing your “niche” and communicating with their personal fulfillment needs, will place an edge on a current marketing campaign. Tapping into the sheer volume increases the potential to capture the leads.

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Afternoon Java Jolt 8/20/2011

What would you do if you were totally focused?

Some say Caffeine helps increase our awareness. What would you do if you were totally focused? Have you ever thought about what you could achieve if you were totally centered and focused on your intentions?

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What are Social Media Marketing Managers? SMMM?


Social Media Marketing Managers Are…

A Social Media Marketing Manager will lead a team of people who conduct such activities as posting updates to facebook, tweeting about topics that are important to the growth and development of a business, and stay up to date with the latest developments in the area of marketing and social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Managers create, develop and implement social media strategies and campaigns that compliment outside marketing efforts, or create campaigns that stand alone. Many social media marketing professionals spend their free time looking for new ways to use social media including the use of Groups in Linked In, +1 Google for SEO and blogs that connect via social media.

A Social Media Strategy fits into your overall business model..

A traditional business model incorporates a “Marketing Plan” that details how much capital will be needed to market, who the “niche” market is, and the potential success of such expenditure. Add a “Social Media Marketing Plan” to a traditional business plan gives a company great insight into the possible ROI when marketing to a global audience.




















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Wake Up! Your Business Needs some Attention

Your Biz Needs Your Alert Attention!!!!

Top 10 Reasons your Business Needs to be on Social Media Right Now!

  1. Exposure and brand awareness
  2. Customer Service
  3. Connecting with Vendors/Suppliers
  4. Connect with millions of prospects
  5. SAVE money in Marketing Costs
  6. SAVE time by outsourcing marketing
  7. Get Connected with a fresh set of eyes.
  8. Offer incentives for visitors
  9. Improve your SEO
  10. Expand your Business Plan

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